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  • Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung took on a force of 200 Japanese soldiers at Burma, during the second world war. He threw the Japanese grenades back at them, even after one exploded in his hand. He waited in his trench for the soldiers to advance and shot at them at point blank range. In the morning, there were 31 dead Japanese soldiers around his trench. He was awarded the Victoria Cross award for gallantry.

  • India's diamonds have been prized for their size and beauty for hundreds of years, but did you know that diamond (vajra, Sanskrit for "adamantine") was first discovered in India in 4th century BC? India was one of the first countries to mine the stone. Some of the world famous Indian diamonds include the Hope Diamond, Koh-i-Noor Diamond, Darya-i-Nur (Sea of Light), Orlov Diamond, and Sanc Diamond.

  • Indian grammarian Panini systematized the Sanskrit language in the 4th or 7th century BCE. He codified its every aspect including phonetics, phonology and morphology so strongly that there has been no scope for improvisation in the last 2000 years! NASA research shows that Sanskrit is the most suited language for Artificial Intelligence.